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AgroMentor is an African No.1 platform that connects you with all the help, knowledge, information and opportunities you need in food and agricultural sector. On this platform, there are several food and agricultural expert that are ready and willing to provide answers to all your questions within the field

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Small Scale Agricultural Mechanization

A lot of people feel that agriculture isn’t for them because they think they don’t have the energy for farm work and also don’t want to be dirty. But is Agriculture really Just about farming? This training will help you discover if Agriculture is for you and teach how to make money from different value chain with little or no stress

Mind Mapping and Product Development

I know we’ve all got ideas, but how to transform these ideas into products or services is what really makes the difference. Mind mapping is a very powerful tool that can assist you to do that. Learn how to turn your agrifood ideas into the product(s) and service(s) at the shortest possible time

Agribusiness Model

Business exists because people are ready and willing to pay for your goods and services. Business Model Innovation is a powerful tool that will help you to deliver and capture values efficiently and creatively. This training will teach you how to build a business model for your agribusiness to put you ahead of your competitors.

We are on a Mission

To be a world-class platform that provides quick, easy and cost-effective access to all the knowledge, information and opportunities that every food and agricultural business entrepreneurs and enthusiasts need to succeed

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Let’s Build Something Together

With your support, we can change African food security narrative by empowering young agrifood business entrepreneurs and enthusiasts with the right knowldege, skills and support they need to succeed

To build your capacity

We organise online free refresher training for all our volunteer experts to help them build capacity, improve service delivery and increase overall productivity. 

To Build a Strong Network

What can be more fulfilling by knowing that you are part of the process that is building a sustainable food system in Africa and in the process meet and network with the finest minds in the industry

Opportunities to generate leads

AgroMentor provides food and agribusiness experts with the opportunity to have access to more clients and customers through our monthly free marketplace for all the volunteer experts. 

To help the upcoming generation

AgroMentor gives you the platform to raise the next generation of food and agribusiness entrepreneurs by sharing your knowledge and opportunity with them

To feed the people that feed the world

Until those that feed us are well fed, we can’t boast of proper feeding. Agromentor is built on the premise of empowering people that feed the world with the right skills, knowledge, and information and we are asking you to help us.

What Mentors/mentees are saying

“Thank you for giving me this opportunity to mentor the young minds in food and agribusiness. Nothing could have been more fulfilling.”

Kelvin Mark


“Thanks to the Visioneers for this laudable initiative. You helped me to have quick and seamless access to the basic information I need to be a better farmer 

Ayomide Philip


“Through this platform, I have been able to network with great minds doing great things in the food and Agric ecosystem and it has further improved my profit.”

Suleiman Abdul


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