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Grow your food and agribusiness and get to know more about your industry by listening to educating, enlightening, insightful, and extensive interviews with industry leaders and top players in Food and Agriculture industry.

About 5MAE

Do you know how agribusiness experts became successful? You might be aware of the wonderful things that came with the status but what you probably don’t know is the hurdles, struggles, pains, losses, and traumas they endured and surmounted to get there.

At the “5 Minutes with Experts” podcast series, we will be sharing with you the untold stories of successful agri-food entrepreneurs and experts. You will get to know about the opportunities, structures, and processes they put in place or leveraged to get successful.

This podcast series is nothing you have ever seen before, and you don’t want to miss any episode.

Juliet Ndianekwu

Juliet Ndianekwu


Nicholas Alifa

Nicholas Alifa


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